All of our facials use our natural skincare products plus high quality, organic and local products

Radiate 60 mins
 $ 169

Healthy, radiating skin is more than just what we apply topically. Step in and unwind with 60 minutes of relaxation. You can start your treatment with a cup of Organic Tea as we delve into a Skin Consultation addressing areas of concern.

From this we will tailor a facial treatment using Earths Medicines very own skincare range. As we begin your treatment, we will start with a guided meditation and breathwork to grasp your presence and cover you in a weighted blanket to help you feel secure, calm and safe. You can begin to zone out as you are treated to a 6 step facial including;
A double cleanse
Exfoliation or Microdermabrasion (if ADD on selected)
Vegan Vitamin C and Collagen Serum & Gua Sha treatment
Cucumber Eye Cream 
Nourish Oil 

Unwind as you are treated to a grounding foot massage as your mask sets into the skin and a full face, scalp, neck and shoulder massage throughout your facial. 

End the treatment with a Vegan treat, relaxed and glowing.

Grounded 90 mins - $215

Get all the benefits of Radiate but with even more. After we have finished your therapeutic facial, prepare to deeply relax with a handmade chamomile and wheat eye pillow to begin a Sound Bath session. Surrender as I play carefully selected instruments to help guide you through releasing energetic blockages, release tension and reach a complete state of bliss, harmony and relaxation.

Express 40 mins - $90

This is for the people short on time but looking for a quick spruce and refresh! As you arrive you will be greeted with a tea and brief skin consult. From there we can tailor your facial (30 mins) with products suitable for you skin.

 A $50 deposit is required when booking to hold your space