About Us

Who are we?

Earths Medicines is run by Naturopath student and Mother, Jamii. My dream is to create and hand-make products that do least harm to the Earth and everything in it; inclusive of ourselves. The ingredients in the products I use have been carefully selected to align with my morals. Using only organic, spray free and as local as possible ingredients. Ingredients that have been imported are always organic and fair trade. Chemicals, preservatives, fillers and other nasties have been purposely excluded from these products to avoid unnecessary harm. 

Packaging and Sustainability

The packaging used in all the products are either recyclable or compostable. Mailer boxes and compostable packaging is also used to send items to their destination to avoid single use plastic production. Some of Earths Medicines products are also refillable to lessen production of new packaging. 

Thank you for supporting local and our planet